Customer Testimonials

“Beverly Hills Cab Company is very pleased with our new PathFinder dispatching solution from Digital Dispatch Systems. Our fleet is highly optimized thanks to the increased configurability and new dispatch methods built into PathFinder, including the ability to set different dispatch methods for different times of the day and days of the week. Pathfinder has redundancy, advanced reporting capabilities, and a very flexible map system that allows us to add points of interest or other addresses to the database. We’ve even saved money on labour costs with the Payment Gateway. DDS customer service is the best in the industry; their technical team solves any issues we have at any hour of the day. We’re a long term DDS customer and would recommend any company to partner with DDS.”

~ Henrik
Beverly Hills Cab

“We are very happy with the TaxiBook dispatch system, it’s made it a lot easier to train new drivers. The biggest learning curve for drivers was getting to know the zone boundaries, we have taken this section out of our driver training manual as TaxiBook has automatic zone booking. TaxiBook has made it easier to track trips after the fact. We are using invoice, map and admin sections more and more, and are able to track cars and the fare amount for each trip. The Swiftsure Taxi dispatch staff are also a lot happier with TaxiBook than radio dispatch. Also the Advance Booking section is a great tool to have.”

~ Anup Kang
Owner, Swiftsure Taxi

“I have been using the Digital Dispatch System for the past five years as System Manager with Bonny’s Taxi. Since it was first installed here we only had minor issues that were handled in a professional and expedited manner and many features of DDS’s PathFinder software have made my job much easier and more efficient.  Being able to track and verify the location of all of our 130 taxis through the GPS in each of the Digital Dispatch mobile data terminals has had a huge impact on our operating capabilities and has increased the total amount of trips per day of our entire taxi fleet. I highly recommend the DDS system for any taxi company.”

~ Sonny Parwar,
System Manager, Bonny’s Taxi

“I have been a taxi driver with Vancouver Yellow Cab for 16 years, and my job has become a lot easier since having a Digital Dispatch Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) installed in my cab. The DDS MDT has so many great features that have increased my trips per day and also lessened the time each day that I spend driving without a fare. I can process credit card transactions easily which have made many of my regular customers quite happy, and I no longer need to worry about losing jobs to other drivers knowing that fares come directly to me through my terminal and are not voiced publicly to other drivers. I couldn’t imagine driving a cab without the DDS system and without their MDT installed in my taxi. I would highly recommend DDS for any cab company that wants to grow their taxi business and maximize the efficiency and satisfaction of their drivers.”

~ Bindi Kandola
Taxi Driver, Vancouver Yellow Cab

“In summation, DDS and TaxiBook have managed to fill a void in the marketplace. By keeping the investment affordable, small businesses are now equipped with the tools necessary to expand their fleet sizes, all while maintaining efficiency and customer and employee satisfaction. Our response times have dropped from between 20-30 minutes to an average of 11 minutes. DDS has been a key component to our success.”

~ Larry A. Loncon
President, Spokane Dispatch Inc.